We protect endangered species and their habitats
We study nature and look for innovative solutions
Experts and scientists working within ELF are studying nature, keeping an eye on scientific developments and looking for novel, sustainable solutions to nature conservation problems. We cooperate on a daily basis with various universities and other research institutions in Estonia and abroad. Doing so allows us to proceed from the best existing knowledge when protecting and restoring nature, and testing new solutions.
We stand for the interests of nature
As an advocacy group, we keep an eye on both national and local developments involving the sea, forest, wetlands, climate, species conservation, and nature education. As an interest group standing for nature and thereby also the well-being of people, we are involved in the making of various laws, development plans and important decisions.
We invite everyone to protect nature
Each and every one of us can contribute to the preservation of nature and biodiversity and thus be a protector of nature. You can participate in collective actions organised by ELF, observe nature as an citizen scientist, increase the level of biodiversity in your garden, preserve the key biotopes in your forest, grow food organically, and make more sustainable consumption choices on a daily basis. Volunteers and people who care about nature form the backbone of ELF and nature conservation.

We deal with nature conservation holistically – in different areas and ways

We are focused on the three major ecosystems of our nature: the sea, the forest, and wetlands. We also deal with climate change, species protection and a wide range of educational activities.

Help us protect nature

Your support counts – be it a one-time donation, permanent support, or volunteering.


We protect species and habitats that are native to Estonia. We focus our efforts on where we think help is needed the most – for example, we protect old-growth forests, restore wooded meadows and drained wetlands, rescue migrating frogs from the roads or advocate the positive decisions for biodiversity and climate. Your donation will allow us to do all of this with even greater efficiency.

Get involved

Join us and participate as a conservation volunteer. We offer different ways to do this – for example, you can take part in conservation camps  that restore the habitats of species, clean the sea side in the case of oil spill, increase the biodiversity of your garden, and much more.