Donate to nature protection!

Life on earth is spectacular and preserving its diversity is worth every contribution and effort we can make. ELF was created to protect Estonian plant species and communities – the cause we want to give our all and everything for. As NGO, we are counting on the support of donors, like-minded people and volunteers.

There are two ways of supporting us:

  • Become a regular donor! The forest doesn´t grow in one day and our nature cannot be protected only by campaigns and speeches. This is why we are extremely grateful to our regular donors.

  • Make a one-time donation to support a cause you believe in.   

Our bank account information:
Receiver: Eestimaa Looduse Fond (Estonian Fund for Nature)
Receiver address : Staadioni 67, Tartu, ESTONIA
IBAN: EE282200221005100292
Bank name: Swedbank      
Bank address: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, ESTONIA

Donate via Paypal:

Why donate to ELF?

  • By supporting our activities, you can help protect and preserve species and associations typical to Estonia.
  • We are one of the oldest environmental protection organisations and NGOs in Estonia and have extensive experience in this field. You can read about some of our previous actions here.
  • ELF hires nature protection specialists that know their respective fields very well and can direct donations to activities best suited to support our cause.
  • To achieve our goals, we collaborate with various local and foreign expert organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
  • ELF is an independent organisation and donations help us continue being independent.
  • We follow the Good Practise of Charitable Giving which ensures that the principles of collecting donations are clear and understandable to all parties and the help really does reach those in need. 

If you have questions about donating, please contact Aiki Avi -, +372 566 35 601