Citizen science campaign to map Estonian cowslip population

In collaboration with University of Tartu and "Let's Do It" we invite you to join our interesting citizen science campaign – "Eesti otsib nurmenukke"! This spring we're planning to gather important scientific data during couple of weeks when cowslips are blooming and we're doing this while mapping and observing cowslips all over Estonia.

How can I join?

Mapping cowslips is suitable for everyone – school classes, families, friends and people who like to spend time in nature. The main goal is to find a cowslip and determine its flower type. In order to do that you need to take a look inside of a flower and use our cowslip web site to find out which one it is. Cowslips are blooming mostly in the beginning of May and it lasts two to three weeks. We have designed a special cowslip website to make the mapping way easier than usually - with just one click. Web site will be available from the middle of April.

To join us:

  1. Find a place nearby where cowslips are growing.
  2. In order to observe you need to go to this exact place and take a smartphone with internet access with you.
  3. Open cowslip website and start inserting your observation or use the form in English

To determine the type of a flowers you just need to take a look - you don't need to pick the flower. But when you have finished your observation you can pick a handful of flowers to brew some great natural tea at home.

Why is observing cowslips so important?

Foto: Kaarel Kaisel
Getting to know nature's well-being in a large scale is usually expensive and takes many years. It's always lacking people, money and mostly time. You can help scientists to gather this information quickly and in big numbers! Mapping and observing cowslips is so important because these plants give scientists enough information about well-being of plant populations and habitats. Cowslips are good model species for studying.

Do I need to know something beforehand?

You don't need to know anything specific – everyone can join us! We have made a useful cowslip website to make everything simple and fast. When doing the observation you might notice something new in nature and get to know some species you weren't aware of before. Also, you will learn to do a proper observation and contribute to science done in University of Tartu!

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