Watch the forest conference

* We apologize for the sound problem during the presentation of Jānis Kuze. Please find his presentations and discussions with the sound HERE!


  • Opening and introduction of the program by Siim Angerpikk, moderator of the conference  – watch the intro

  • Opening speech by Madis Kallas, Minister of Environment  – watch the opening speech
  • Opening speech by Erik Moora, Member of the Council of the Estonian Fund for Nature  – watch the opening speech
  • Presentation of the Young Conservationist Award by Tarmo Tüür, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Estonian Fund for Nature  – watch the presentation

Forest species 

  • Presentation on “The state of Estonian forest birds”  by Asko Lõhmus, Professor of Conservation Biology at the University of Tartu – watch the presentation // slides

  • Presentation on “The hidden side of forests – distribution of biomass and carbon underground”  by Ivika Ostonen, Professor of Root Ecology at the University of Tartu – watch the presentation // slides

  • Presentations and discussion on “Finding and protecting the values of old forests – examples from Estonia and Latvia” by Jānis Ķuze, ornithologist and Member of the Board of Latvian Fund for Nature and an ornithologist, and Renno Nellis, project manager for the inventory of Woodland Key Habitats (WKH) at the Estonian Naturalists Society – watch the presentations and discussions HERE // slides by Jānis Ķuze // slides by Renno Nellis

  • Presentation on “The Swedish Forest ecosystem after 60 years of clear-cutting forestry” by Sebastian Kirppu, forest biologist, association Skydda Skogen – Protect the Forest – watch the presentation

Climate and forest

  • Presentation on " What will the renewed EU climate policy bring?  by Mart Kiis,  Climate Adviser, Ministry of the Environment – watch the presentation // slides

  • Presentation on "Carbon cycle in old forests" – by Asko Noormets, Professor of  Forest Ecology, Texas A&M University  – watch the presentation // slides

  • Presentation on "Continuous cover forestry – why and how? The climate benefits" by Annukka Valkeapää, Executive Director of the Finnish Continuous Cover Forestry Association Silva  – watch the presentation // slides

Forest and people

  • Presentation on “Forests of the North Wind” by Ritva Kovalainen and Sanni Seppo, photographers who have been capturing forests for three decades  – watch the presentation

  • Presentation on “Perspectives of a digital forester” by Madis Katz, small forest owner, and local community spokesperson regarding areas of high public interest  – watch the presentation

  • Panel discussion on “Wandering around in the woods can lead one to arrive” by Peeter Laurits, artist and the curator of the Biotoopia conference; Liis Kuresoo, forest expert at Estonian Fund for Nature; Marju Kõivupuu,  folklorist, cultural historian and Associate Professor at Tallinn University  – watch the discussion