Voluntary activities

Voluntary activity has gained more and more momentum in the past few decades - volunteers strengthen the civil society and thanks to them, many NGOs are able to carry out their goals which they would otherwise lack the resources for. Volunteers are also the inseparable and irreplaceable accomplices of ELF, having been involved in hundreds of projects throughout the years. Thank you!

How do the ELF volunteers help protect the Estonian nature?

  • Since 1999, ELF has organized yearly nature conservation holidays where volunteers, participants and group managers work together in order to improve the living conditions of a certain species (i.e. tatterjack toad, black stork) or maintain semi-natural communities and so on.
  • Since 2006, ELF has assembled and trained volunteers to be ready to help with the elimination of oil pollution by cleaning up the shores and helping wildlife.
  • Since 2012, ELF has been organizing so-called “Toad on the road” actions in certain sections of the highway, where volunteers are helping large numbers of frogs who travel to their mating places cross the highway safely. 
  • Since 2008, ELF has participated in the “Let´s Do It” movement and became the head organizer of this annual national clean-up day in 2011. Each year, the first Sunday of May sees tens of thousands of volunteers getting together all over Estonia and jointly contributing towards a better living environment by cleaning up litter and illegal garbage.
  • ELF´s team also receives voluntary advice from several experts in different fields.