Species conservation

Every animal, fungus and plant has its own role in this world. Many species have seen times far beyond the human memory. Thanks to the abundance of species, the natural diversity is preserved in Estonia and everywhere else in the world. Unfortunately some species have become endangered due to human activity or other reasons, and some have become extinct. Species conservation activities aim to improve the conditions of rare and endangered plant, fungus and animal species. From the species conservation point of view, the most important thing we can do is to preserve and create suitable habitats for these species.

How does ELF help with species conservation?

Throughout the years, ELF has been involved in various actions related to the conservation of species. The main activities in this field include the studying of species, maintaining and restoring their habitats, participating in legislation and in drafting up nature conservation programmes, raising public awareness. ELF is currently protecting or has via different actions protected bats, seals, black storks, tatterjack toads, dunlins, freshwater pearl mussels and several other species. One of the biggest concerns of ELF is the fate of its heraldic animal, the flying squirrel, in Estonia.