Nature education and awareness

Nature cannot be protected only by a small group of experts. In order to preserve our natural resources for future generations, we need to pass on our knowledge and skills. We also believe that the sense of nature does not come purely from reading books or talking about nature. We need to go to the nature with a guide and listen, touch, smell, see, experience and get to know our natural environment.

Nature education and raising awareness of nature conservation

ELF has entwined various events and campaigns into its nature conservation activities and deals with raising awareness daily. Here are some examples:

  • ELF founded the Palupõhja Nature School that each year hosts tens of working bees, trainings, educational programs etc.
  • Organising nature conservation holidays that give everyone a chance to participate as a volunteer learn something new about diversity and help restore and maintain our natural resources.
  • ELF is the birthplace of the environmental publication “The Green Gate”.
  • The campaign “Toad on the road” that invites people to notice the frogs and help them cross the roads in the spring.
  • ELF acknowledges young conservationists in a public event each year.
  • ELF has created various nature-themed games, (digital) books and practical instruction sheets for both children and grown-ups.