What does ELF stand for? What are ELFs values?

ELF stands for the preservation of natural diversity. Nature can be preserved only if protected as a whole – as a complete ecosystem. This is why we protect nature based on the principles of ecology - the science that deals with species and their habitats. This is why we have several species specialists and habitat experts in our team as well as people researching the causes of environmental issues.

At ELF we believe that in order to preserve nature, everyone should be given a chance to participate in the process of nature protection, either via volunteering, studying or enjoying nature and communicating the enjoyment of it to others. We believe that mankind can and is able to manage nature without damaging the environment or other species. Despite our work, there are unfortunately still cases where nature is still harmed even today.

ELF tries to resist the developments that constitute a systematic or tremendous danger to our homeland´s nature. We focus on the three biggest ecosystems - the forest, the sea and the wetlands - and their inhabitants. We keep an eye on the Estonian government in their processes of drawing up environmental regulations and of compiling development plans, we participate in and convene with different parties to plan discussions, we help out in restoring damaged areas and give out recommendations for sustainable management practises.

Nature cannot be protected only by a small group of experts. In order to preserve our natural resources for future generations, we compile reports to today´s decision makers regarding our current environmental status, talk about nature conservation in public and organize events and campaigns to help people get to know the environment better. Our values are best represented in our nature conservation holidays which give everyone a chance to participate as a volunteer, learn something new about natural diversity and help restore and protect our natural values.