„CAP 2020. Towards sustainable agriculture“

Conference programme

1-2 September 2017
Hotel Euroopa (Paadi 5, Tallinn, Estonia) and Penijõe


Friday, September 1, 2017

09.30 – 10.00 Registration and welcome coffee

10.00 – 10.10 Opening and welcome

Kärt Vaarmari, board member, Estonian Fund for Nature

Introduction by the moderators

Lennart Gladh, Senior Baltic Specialist Advisor, Gladh et Plana

Aleksei Lotman,  Expert on agri-environment (ELF)

10.10 – 10.30 Welcome and introductory address: CAP future - a view from the Council Presidency

Marko Gorban,  Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Rural Affairs

10.30 – 10.50 CAP and environment - introduction to the topic

Harry Liiv, Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of the Environment

10.50 – 11.10 CAP and the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea

Ottilia Thoreson, Programme Director, WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme

11.10 – 11.25 Baltic Sea Farmer of the Year 2018

Ottilia Thoreson, Programme Director, WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme

11.25– 11.55 Coffee break

11.55 – 12.15 What kind of CAP would ensure the development of organic production?

Juhan Särgava, Baltic Sea Friendly Farmer of the Year 2013,  Saidafarm OÜ

12.15 – 12.35 Modernising CAP from the view of agriculture- and food production.

Roomet Sõrmus,  Chairman of the Board, The Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce

12.35 – 12.55 What kind of CAP would keep family farms alive?

Kaul Nurm, Member of the Council, Estonian Farmers Federation (ETKL)

12.55 – 13.15 Farmers on CAP - a view from Sweden

Sofia Björnsson, Expert on agricultural policy and rural development, The Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF)

13.15 – 13.30 Questions and Answers

Panel of speakers and the moderator

13.30 – 14.30 Lunch at the restaurant

14.30 – 14.50 Is CAP sustainable? A view from the environmental side.

Aleksei Lotman, Expert on agriculture and environment, Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF)

14.50 – 15.10  Is CAP contributing to the clean Baltic Sea

Mikhail Durkin, Executive Secretary, Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB)

15.10 – 15.30  CAP and farmland birds

Inés Jordana, Senior Agriculture and Food Policy Officer, (SEO/ Birdlife)

15.30 - 15.50 Is CAP fit for purpose?

Faustine Bas-Defossez, EEB Policy Manager for Agriculture and Bioenergy

15.50 – 16.10 Reforming the CAP to facilitate the transition to sustainable food and farming in Europe

Jabier Ruiz, WWF EPO Senior Policy Officer, Agriculture and Sustainable Food System

16.10 – 16.30 The Public Goods Bonus - A new approach for remunerating environmental services by farmers as part of the CAP post 2020

Sönke Beckmann, Senior Policy Manager for CAP post 2020, Landcare Germany

16.30 – 16.45  Questions and answers

Panel of speakers and a moderator 

16.45 – 17.05 Conclusions


17.30 – 19.00 Dinner

Saturday, September 2, 2017

09:00  Bus departure from the Hotel Euroopa

10:00 – 11.00 Visiting Saidafarm OÜ (Lehetu, Nissi vald, Harjumaa)

11.00 – 12.00 Bus ride to Matsalu Nature Centre

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch in Matsalu Nature Centre (Penijõe, Lihula vald, Läänemaa) 

Seminar in Matsalu Nature Centre:

13.00 – 13.20 Nature friendly agriculture in European protected areas

Kaja Lotman, Counsellor, Environmental Board, Europark

13.20 – 13.40 Is CAP good for High Nature Value Farming?

Gwyn Jones, Chief Executive, European Forum of Nature Conservation and Pastoralism (EFNCP)

13.40 – 14.00 Reflections on nature and farming from two sides of the sea

Lennart Gladh, Senior Advisor, Gladh et Plana

14.00 – 14.20 Did the CAP pull a bird out of a hat?

Jaanus Elts, Member of the Council, Estonian Ornithological Society (EOÜ)

14.20 – 14.40 Does the CAP deliver on pesticide reductions?

Henriette Christensen, Senior Policy Advisor, Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN-E)

14.40 – 14.50 Questions and answers

Moderator and speakers

15.00 – 15.15      Bus ride to Mätiku farm

15:15 – 16.00 Visiting Mätiku farm (Oidrema, Koonga vald, Pärnumaa)

17.45/ 18.00 Arriving at Tallinn Airport and Hotel Euroopa