At ELF we believe that power lies in collaboration. If you want to become one of us, here are some ways of getting involved: come participate in a working bee or become a regular donor!

ELF collaborates daily with various Estonian NGOs, state institutions and businesses.

We also have several foreign partners
, including the affiliated organisations of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. ELF is highly involved in the Baltic Ecoregion Programme network that was created to protect the Baltic Sea region.

We are also members and/or partners of:

IUCN - International Union of Nature Conservation 
CEEWEB for Biodiversity
FSC  - Forest Stewardship Council
TCV - The Conservation Volunteers 

Sea Alarm

Responsibly Produced Peat 
EFNCP - European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism

ELF supports different international conservation conventions implementation in Estonia - for example HELCOM, Aarhus Convention and  EUROBATS.